Sunday 21 July 2019

Few photos and videos from the Supporters Day

This year, I went to the Fan Event. Last year I was sulking about Neto's transfer and generally pretty gloomy about all things Frontale so I skipped it. I was also quite hungover. But this year, after designating the FC Tokyo game as make or break for our season and for my relationship with Oniki, and us winning that game comfortably, I am fully on board the good ship Frontale. Let's see how long that optimism lasts! But right now, things look pretty rosy for us. The FC Tokyo win was a decent performance and we played some nice football. The game against Chelsea, which was criticised by all sorts of people for being a waste of time and all about the money was actually a lot of fun, and it was quite unexpected and exhilarating to be able to do the Avante victory song against an English Premier League team. Sure, they are in pre-season and under a new manager and had a lot of the ball and many chances, but this was still a great morale boosting victory for us. Let's hope it can give us a nice boost over the course of the next few months till the end of the season.

The fan events are always fun occasions, and it's great that the club is so open and available, and players are so happy to just have fun. In the years before we won anything, our fan events would routinely be held up as showing why we would never win. We just weren't serious enough was apparently the feeling. But the last two years' titles show that you can be human and friendly and have fun while still winning football games. I hope so anyway. It was great to see professional footballers willing to not take themselves too seriously, sing some songs and just enjoy the all round good atmosphere. It was a bit terrifying to see Ando playing the drums with a broken finger though. He was actually pretty good though! Fujishima's involvement was surprisingly emotional. As a loan player with a serious injury suffered before he could even make the bench, there must be a possibility that he may never pull on the Frontale shirt. I hope for his sake that this isn't the case though. He seems like a nice guy, as do pretty much all of the squad.

Anyway, this is way too long already for a post that is supposed to just be some pictures and videos. So here you are, some pictures and short videos, one of a vegemite and crisp roll, the food offering from Michael James. That kind of food totally works for me! It's been a great week to be a Frontale fan and this event serves to remind us why we all like this team so much. VAMO FRONTALE!

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