Sunday 29 January 2017

New players, part 2: Rhayner & Jefferson Tabinas

Part 2 of my pre-season new player round up. Once again, most information is swiped from Wikipedia and the photos swiped from the Frontale website. Sorry!


Squad number - 22
Position - Forward
D.O.B. -5th September 1990
Height -1.79m

As with all Brazilian signings, Rhayner automatically has generated a bit of excitement. He's a striker. He's a Brazilian. That's about all it takes. He signed from Ponte Preta a Brazilian top flight team where he didn't exactly have a great season. He featured in 23 games but only scored a couple of goals, but the previous season at Vitoria in the second tier he managed six goals from 16 games which is a bit more encouraging. Judging from a video of his highlights on youtube, he seems to be more of a provider than a goal scorer, has good ball control and dribbling and looks pretty fast. Just wait till the season starts and everything I have said turns out to be completely wrong! Guess this is a case of let's wait and see really.

Jefferson Tabinas

Squad number - 26
Position - Defender
D.O.B. -7th August 1998
Height -1.82m

Jefferson Tabinas, or Jeff as he will be called, is potentially a huge addition to our squad. Seems like a big character, with plenty of enthusiasm and confidence. He reportedly had six or seven clubs after him but he chose to sign for us from Toko Gakuen High School. Born in Japan to a Filipina mother and a Ghanaian father, he is a citizen of the Philippines but wants to get Japanese citizenship in time to represent Japan at the Tokyo Olympics. Equally at home in central defence or at left back he has said that he will play anywhere he is required (or words to that effect). Captain of his school team, it seems that he and Ao might be battling it out for the captain's armband for Frontale in the future. At least if we can hang on to him for long enough. Hope he gets enough game time to keep him satisfied as it feels like he could be a real prospect for the future.

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