Thursday 28 July 2022

New player songs 2022

It's been a while since we could sing, and in fact we still can't, apart from at Cerezo Osaka away in the Levain Cup. But I guess with one eye on a possible upcoming return of singing on the horizon, we have a load of new player songs. It's sad that some players have come and gone without ever getting a song or hearing their song sung, but hell, there are a lot worse things happening in the world than not being able to sing. Anyway, here we go for the latest batch of player songs. Fingers crossed I get to butcher them soon!

6. Joao Schmidt

Joao Schmidt
Joao Schmidt
Ore no Joao Schmidt

8. Tachibanada Kento

Waku Waku sasete yo
Tachibanada Kento
Goal ni buchikome
Iddamashii Kento

15. Sasaki Asahi

Sasaki Asahi
Sasaki Asahi

16. Seko Tatsuki

Seko Tatsuki
Seko Tatsuki
Vamo Vamo Seko Tatsuki

17. Kozuka Kazuki

Kozuka Kazuki
Kozuka Kazuki
Hashire hashire
Kozuka Kazuki

18. Chanathip

Chanathip, Chanathip
La La La Laaaa

Su Su Jay Konrao

19. Tono Daiya

Tono Daiya
Tono Daiya
Kagayake Daiya

23. Marcinho

Vamo Marcinho
Vamo Marcinho
Vamo Marcinho
Lalala Lala Lalalala Marcinho

24. Miyagi Ten

Ten Ten Ten
Miyagi Ten, Tente Tente Ten
Miyagi Ten, get goal
Kawasaki sodachi no Miyagi Ten Hey!

25. Matsui Renji

Go Fight!
Vamo Matsui Renji
Misero Matsui Renji
Ok! Alright Shori o kono teni

28. Igarashi Taiyo

Kawasaki no Taiyo
Igarashi Taiyo
Goal o Mi-Taiyo
Igarashi Taiyo

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