Wednesday 7 February 2018

New player songs 2018

Just a brief post with videos of tunes and words for the new player songs for this season. I've done this in a bit of a hurry, so please let me know if there are any mistakes you spot. None of them standing out as a particular favourite for me yet, but we'll see when they're being sung for real.

4. Okubo Yoshito

Yoshito Okubo
Goal o ubae!
Yoshito Okubo
Kawasaki no Yoshito


9. Akasaki Shuhei

Kibare Akasaki
La la la la


22. Shimoda Hokuto

Ole! Ole! Shimoda Hokuto
Izayuke Shimoda Hokuto

27. Suzuki Yuto

Vamo Ralph Suzuki Yuto ole!
Misetsukero Suzuki Yuto ole!


37. Saito Manabu 

Kawasaki no hoshi
Saito Manabu
Ao kuro mato-otte
Kagayake yo Manabu

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