Sunday 28 May 2017

Frontale Songs Part 1, Squad numbers 1-10

This is the first of a few posts with romanized lyrics of Frontale songs. You can see all of the parts here. I'll start with the player songs by squad number. For some of them there are videos to give you the tune if you don't know it. For the others, well, I guess you'll have to just do your best to work it out by listening out for the players name. There is a video at the end of this post collecting quite a few of the songs in a kind of mega-mix that might cover some that I don't have videos for. [Actually, have found all of them in some form or another now, but I'll leave the other video there] Hopefully this is of some use to somebody other than me! Oh, and apologies for my unique way of writing some of the Japanese words in English. My method makes sense to me as it kind of seems a bit confusing to write words like 'goal' as 'goru' so I've stuck with the English spelling.

1. Sung-Ryong Jung  

Sung-Ryong, Sung-Ryong, Jung Sung-Ryong,
Kawasaki no goal mamorinuke.

2. Noborizato Kyohei

Noborizato, Noborizato,
Get goal! NOBORI!

3. Nara Tatsuki

Nara Tatsuki Oh Oh,
Sa kimochi komete,
Nara Tatsuki Oh Oh,
Atsuku tatakae.

4. Igawa Yusuke

Igawa Yusuke, Allez Igawa!
Igawa Yusuke.

5. Taniguchi Shogo

Taniguchi Shogo,
Tatakae Shogo,
Atsui Harto o,
Moyaseyo Shogo.

6. Tasaka Yusuke

Oh Oh! Tasaka Yusuke,
Oh Oh! Tasaka Yusuke!

7. Kurumaya Shintaro

Hashire Kurumaya,
Tatakae Kurumaya,
Hashire Kurumaya,
Kurumya Boo Boom Boom.

8. Abe Hiroyuki

Abe Hiroyuki,
Kimero Abe Goal,
Koko de,
Orera o wakase!

9. Morimoto Takayuki

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!
Morimoto goal,
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh,
Bakuretsu goal.

10. Oshima Ryota

Oh-Oshima Ryota,
E ga o ga cute-o,
Oh-Oshima Ryota,
Kimero yo shoot-o!

Frontale song collection

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